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Fairy-Tale Detectives (The Sisters Grimm #1)

A Contemporary Review of the Grimm Sisters’ First Book

How about a different breed of mystery that brings together imagination, adventure, excitement, and humor?

In the land of deep lakes, huge forests, and fantastical castles, the Grim Brothers went on to put together coffers of captivating fairly and folk tales. They stuffed them with crafty youngsters, dwarfs and giants, and princesses and witches.

The Grimm Sisters’ The Fairy Tale Detectives ventures out to weave those fairytales you have grown up with, and come to cherish, into a wonderful story of modern-day suspense and sensibilities. In the process, it will create an irresistible combination you and your young readers will come to love.

Are you ready to be blown away?

An Introduction to Your Heroines

Life has not been a fairy-tale for eleven-year-old Sabrina and her seven-year-old sister, Daphne Grimm.

Their parents have disappeared mysteriously. Orphaned, they begin a life of mistreatment as maids, servants, and a host of other things young children must never be.

They are ignored, abused, and go through several foster homes. This is because Ms. Minerva Smirt, who, rather than find them a safe haven as their caseworker, is uncaring and harsh.

After much trouble, they eventually have to put up with their long-lost and mysterious grandmother, Relda Grim, whom they thought had died long ago. Sabrina also thinks her grandmother is crazy.

Ferryport Landing, New York, where Grandmother Grim lives, is their new home. This strange town, however, turns out to have many extraordinary, unusual, and unexplained crimes.

Let the fairytale begin.

What is the fairytale outline?

Grandmother Relda Grimm turns out to be quite a strange person. She says Ferryport Landing is filled with Everafters, a parallel race made up of magical beings. Little Daphne believes this but Sabrina does not.

The girls discover they are descendants of the Grimm Brothers. The brothers run a detective operation on magical incidents whose perpetrators are the Everafters. The girls begin to unravel revelations regarding the magical beginnings of their ancestors.

Among the revelations is one about the Grimm Fairy Tales. It turns out the tales are in actual fact a book of history documenting mischief through magic. The Grimm family has a legacy whose main task is to keep Everafters in line.

The girls have, therefore, inherited this challenge. This means they have to take on their family’s responsibility, as fairy-tale detectives, to investigate any magical incident the Everafters undertake, including solving the mystery behind their parents’ disappearance.

The First Assignment:

There are giants rampaging through, and hell-bent on, destroying Ferryport Landing. This is as they search for Jack, an Englishman in jail for certain crimes. The Grimm girls must save their new hometown.

In their path is the Scarlet Hand, a group of evil Everafters out to take over the world. A witch has created a barrier that prevents Everafters from leaving Ferryport Landing and the Scarlet Hand is determined to find a way around it.

To pull down this barrier, every member of the Grimm family must die.

Which Everafter is behind the murderous rampage?

Is it Jack the giant killer or is it Mayor Charming, the former Prince Charming, in his quest to win his kingdom back?

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